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Lizard Men…



…It is night and I cannot sleep.

Jed cannot sleep either.

I can hear him turning in his bed but I do not speak.

Steve is asleep.

It must be about three in the morning.

There are strange voices outside my window and a knock at the back door.

I wait for Jed to get it, which he does, eventually.

I listen to the conversation – two guys in search of some ‘American chick’-

Jed eventually convinces them that she is not inside.

I wish she was and play with that thought for awhile.

Jed climbs back into his bed.

There are strange voices on the other side of the apartment
and then… a knock at the front door.

I start to laugh.

Jed sighs and goes to the door.

They go through the whole rigmarole
again practically word for word as I resort
to suppressing my laughter in the pillow.

Jed eventually convinces them for the
second time that she is not in our apartment.

“Didn’t they recognise you?”

“Maouri – albinos – both of them,” says Jed by way of explanation.

“Twin albino Maouri – are you having me on?”

A glint in Jed’s eye.

“I was tormenting that lizard, this afternoon, the white one.”…

“I knew it was for you.”

The Living One

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