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Songs of the Stone…

HM15 732







Dark night, utterly dark.

Probably just as well.

If his friends could see him and knew where he was going…

Not that he knew where he was going himself, just who he was meeting and that was bad enough!

‘An adventure,’ she had said in that enigmatic way of hers and then she had smiled.

‘What kind of adventure?’

‘…To bring something back into the world that was lost.’

It would cost.

Of course it would cost.

Her sort always do one way or another.

He clutched the hessian pouch tighter in his fist.

Silver was not easy to come by in this day and age.

Had to know where to look, and when, and how…

The hoot of an owl.

A dark shape emerged from the line of trees up ahead.

“You got ’em?”

No word of greeting.

“I got ’em.”

That smile.

Somehow, it was still visible in the blackness.

“C’mon then…”

“Where to?”

“The witch in the wood.”

“You mad?”

“Do I sound mad?”

The dark figure moved off.

A shadow.

Lithe and silent.

He followed as best he could, cursing himself all the while.

‘An adventure,’ she had said, and then she had smiled…


The Red, the White, the Green…

Some things have to be believed

Before they can be seen…


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