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Songs of the Stone: witch-wood…



The Red, the White, the Green…

Some things have to be believed

Before they can be seen…


…I knew the wood vaguely but even had I known it intimately this headlong dash through the shadows would have been new to me.

Rough, spindly fingers kept grabbing at my hair and clothes, scratching at my face, but we kept on running…

The phrase ‘break-neck pace’ kept flashing through my mind yet eventually the rhythm of it ensnared my qualms and propelled me back to the school room and my old letter-man Seamus.

‘The name is alien,’ he was saying to me with a familiar glint in his eye, and I thought again of the hard ‘Cee’ followed by the rolled ‘Arr’ which caught in my throat like the caw of a Black-Bird.

The double ‘aa’ drew out the word unnaturally and the ending was uncertain. Was it an ‘Ess’ or a ‘Zee’ and should the ‘Zee’ be a ‘Zed’ anyway…

Up ahead of the chase my midnight assailant was slowing on the edge of a small clearing.

I caught up to her and hung an arm on her shoulder, breathing heavily.

She shrugged off the arm and motioned to what I took to be a beehive shaped hut in the middle of the clearing with, in front of it, the dark form of a standing stone.

The gleam of a smile again in the darkness as Kraas moved toward stone…







3 thoughts on “Songs of the Stone: witch-wood…”

  1. This is really suspenseful and I am thinking I must read what happens next. I think the ghosts of the past, perhaps many who never got to make peace within themselves, would be wandering about this time. Life can be so strange at times.

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