November? How did that happen? Plus #BookReview Mister Fox by @SCVincent #GraphicNovel

Barb Taub reviews Mister Fox and the Green Man and Winters Tail…

Barb Taub

Remember, remember the fifth of November…—Guy Fawkes chant

On Monday my neighbors in our little village gathered on the beach to celebrate Guy Fawkes day and Bonfire Night. For my American readers, this is basically like the Fourth of July, except it’s usually really cold. And we have a big fire. And instead of watermelon and beer, we have hot soup and whisky. And instead of celebrating our independence from the King of England, we celebrate um… not blowing up the King of England. And we burn a Catholic (well, in effigy, anyway, although I think this year’s Guy was orange, with a yellow wig and teeny hands…)

So actually, it’s absolutely nothing like the Fourth of July in America. But there ARE fireworks, and little kids DO run around with sparklers, and people clap and “Ooooh!” at their favorite rockets, and it IS a hella lot of fun!


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4 thoughts on “November? How did that happen? Plus #BookReview Mister Fox by @SCVincent #GraphicNovel”

  1. I’ve heard of Guy Fawkes day, but I never knew why it was celebrated or anything about anything that people were eating, etc., so this was very nice to hear. You have created such a rich landscape for England; it is wonderful and feels more real to me than it ever has. Thank you so much.


    1. Of course I forgot to mention the best part of bonfire night. As Americans, we celebrate the 4th of July in the summer, when days are longest and you have to wait FOREVER for it to get dark so fireworks can start. Living in Scotland, it’s already getting dark by 3PM, so old geezers like me can get their fireworks fix and be home by dinner.

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