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‘Further than Faith!’…

Hebrew Letter – Aleph


…That is the cry from our bellowing look-out!

But what can be further than faith

if faith is further than systematic thought?

Can only the faithless think of anything further?


I speak as a fashioner of flowers.

A free-thinker pledged to naught but the free-wheeling spirit.

I am no Coffee-Table tittle-tattler!

I am no Troubedour of trite taste!

I prostrate myself on the steps of the Old School,

and whisper through the key-hole when nobody is looking.

‘Fate lies beyond faith.’



6 thoughts on “‘Further than Faith!’…”

  1. I am pondering too. I think most belief systems can be questioned and should be. It is easy to believe in something based on emotions, but to question our beliefs and where and how we came to them is important for all of us. There has to be something more to a belief than to believe it just because we learned it from others or from books. It is not that those things are necessarily wrong, but we need to really understand how and where we got our thoughts related to belief systems. Everything can have a much deeper spiritual and symbolic meaning that we need to understand. I know I for one have a lot to learn and understand. Thank you kindly.

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