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A Grand Old Age…

Hebrew Letter – Resh


…When Abram was ninety years and nine the Lord appeared to him and said,

“I am, walk before me, and you will be perfect.”

Abram fell on his face but God continued to speak to him,

“I will, make my covenant betwixt us, and you shall be a father of many nations.”

Abram raised his head and put his arm over his eyes but God spoke on,

“Neither shall your name any more be Abram, your name shall be Abraham.”

God raised Abraham to his feet and set him to walk on infront.


Then God said to Abraham, “As for your wife, you should not call her Sarai

but Sarah shall be her name, and I shall bless her and give you a son of hers.”

At that Abraham laughed in his heart and thought to himself,

‘Shall a son be born to him that is a hundred years old,

and shall Sarah, who is ninety, bear a child?’


 God said, “Your wife will indeed bear you a son.

You shall call him, Isaac.”


Sarah conceived.

She bore Abraham a son.

Abraham called his son, Isaac, which means, ‘laughter’!


“God has made me laugh,” said Sarah,

“so that all who hear, will laugh with me.”


The child grew and was weaned…

Abraham held a great feast

on the day Isaac was weaned.



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