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The Letter-Man…

Hebrew Letter Mem-final


Hebrew is a poetic script.

It leaves the reader to fill in the vowels.

It is also a pictorial script:

the shapes of the letters retain their symbolic significance.

It is written from right to left on the page.

Abram would be written ‘mrbA’,

which utilises the Hebrew letters Aleph, Beth, Resh and Mem-final.

The new name given to Abram by God adds a letter Heh between Resh and Mem-final.

‘mhrbA’ – Abraham.


With Sarai, God goes one better.

Not only does he add a letter Heh to her name,

but he also takes away a letter Yod.

‘irS’ becomes ‘hrS’ – Sarah.

It is difficult not to be reminded of Adam’s ‘rib’.


There is something almost genetic about all this,

but then, the story is from, the Book of Genesis.


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