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The Hebrew letter ‘Heh’…


The three lines of the letter

correspond to the dimensions of physical space:

breadth, height and depth.

This latter, the third dimension, called, as it is, ‘depth’,

serves to remind us that even in the mundane world

there is a dimension of reality which extends beyond the physical senses.

This could be regarded a basis for faith.


Hebrew is a poetic script.

Some of the pictorial interpretations employ lateral thought.

Heh can be regarded as both a ‘door’ and a ‘window’.

The addition of this letter to a name would grant

both ingress and egress as well as transparency.


Hebrew is a magical script.

The initial letters of a word can affect or ‘colour’ a whole phrase.

Take, ‘inneH’ – Henni, which means ‘Here I am.’

Much more than a statement of presence,

this phrase signifies, ‘giving one’s being over to the one who calls.’

All because of the letter Heh.



10 thoughts on “The Hebrew letter ‘Heh’…”

  1. I like how you wrote the transliteration of הנני (“Henni”, though I would transliterate it Hi’ne’ni) left-to-right.
    It’s amazing how that word is used in subservience, yet reverence, throughout the Hebrew Bible. Would it have the same power in modern language…?

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