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The Letter-Man: Comet…


It is preferable to avoid this eventuality,

but to think on Abraham is to be almost annihilated,

and it happens time and again without fail.


For this reason it is nigh on impossible to make any sensible headway.


There is one thing, though…

On the night that Terah’s son Abram was born,

a huge comet coursed across the horizon,

and swallowed a star from each of the four quarters of the heavens.

The astrologers, who were, by all accounts,

deemed to be very wise men, whispered to one another,

‘Terah’s new-born will be a mighty Emperor.’


It is experience that fosters faith!

10 thoughts on “The Letter-Man: Comet…”

      1. I once read somewhere in my archaeology and anthropology studies that all myths and great tales are based on history, even if they seem something perhaps created in the mind. So maybe not history per se, but a fine retelling? Thank you kindly.

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  1. Well, I think it is more of a spiritual, or perhaps supernatural tale, but I do know the characters as you described them – Abraham and his wife. At least I think I know them . . . Thank you very kindly. I so enjoy these posts.

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