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What was Abram’s experience?


If the story is to be believed…

Abram threw his face to the ground at the sight of ‘something’.

And when lifted from the ground by that thing,

he then veiled his eyes from it.

Furthermore, that thing could both speak to him

and hear his unspoken thoughts.


Is that enough?


If the story is to be believed…

It was enough for Abram to change both his and his wife’s name,

and when the impossible things that had been promised came to pass,

it was enough for him to do the bidding of that thing without question,

even though that bidding was anathema.

And that is faith!


A mine field…



4 thoughts on “Apparition…”

  1. Wow, what a powerful account! Incredible. Some of these things I honestly did not know, but I get the drift of it. Nothing is stranger than the way people can change from a string of events in their lives. Reading this gave me shivers. It is, although something very ancient and far, far away, at the same time current and reaching out into each life that encounters it.

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