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Peripheral Views…


…Without ‘supernatural elements’ this type of conditioning would be unhealthy

and is the one most beloved of insecure, manipulative minds

intent on turning their victims into ‘Apes of Faith’.


Which is, perhaps, one of the reasons why the ‘supernatural’

is here so heavily stressed.


A radiant visage and countenance

is such a mainstay of supernatural narrative

that it must have some basis in real experience…


…As is telepathy.

There are though, also, some people who are very good at this.

In which context, ‘reading one’s mind’

is not the same as, ‘hearing one’s thoughts’.


The praeternaturally lengthy life-spans in this

and other biblical stories

probably have more to do with an editorial attempt

to ‘square’ original myth with historical time-frames

than with history, which is not to say

that people a very long time ago

were not a lot bigger and/or lived a lot longer than us.

Both are possible.


Halving the given ages of Abraham and Sarah would work

and still preserve the integrity of the story.


But, already, we start to see how belief and faith

are practically inseperable…


Only faith gets us across the minefield unscathed!


8 thoughts on “Peripheral Views…”

  1. Le Chaim! Yes, I feel a lot more understanding of this than when I first read it, and the part about the apes of faith became very clear once I got the meaning of the symbol. There is a lot to this, and it is very interesting from the standpoint of faith and belief. Thank you very kindly.

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