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This being the case,

it might well be worthwhile experimenting

with some of these letters.


In the first instance we can visualise

the letters Heh and Yod

shortly before retiring to bed.


Keep a notepad and pen by the bed,

so that any dreams can be recorded upon waking.


Try each of the letters seperately for a number of nights…


And then visualise them together

in whatever combination appeals.





4 thoughts on “Practicum…”

  1. I really love this, and I think it might be a very good thing to do spiritually and otherwise. I know I can use it, so I think I will give it a try. Interestingly, I have been carrying a book around with me when we do our many hospital visits for my Richard, and the book is called Genie: A Scientific Tragedy by Russ Rymer. I picked it up somewhere along the way when I forgot to bring anything else to read, and it is most interesting because it is a true account of a little girl rescued who had been imprisoned and abused majorly her entire life from the day she was born, but the bigger picture is about the acquisition of language and the author slips back and forth easily between accounts of language in Sumeria to France during the Revolution to contemporary accounts and other places and times, then to the story of the young girl (an actual case in the 70’s in Southern California). I am bringing this up because part of the issue is the power of words both spoken and written and the many thoughts on how these come to us. Several accounts are given of children who are called wild children, who have been found to somehow manage to survive in the wild when abandoned as toddlers or very young children.

    It may seem somehow very disassociated with the letters Heh and Yod, but in my mind I made a connection. The book is really complex in its content so I wish I could describe the ways I see the connection of language acquisition and these letters better. I am extremely tired tonight having been all day at the hospital again today with Richard, so I am sure I am not phrasing things well. But there is something about the letters and the fact that they represent language in one form and how those came to be acquired. There are some much larger issues at work here, and they are fascinating me for I think these things may have a lot to do with the shaping of different cultures.

    When we open one door here, it seems as though so many more begin to open. It is all truly wonderful. I want to thank you again. These studies, though they sometimes puzzle me, are such a truly welcome part of my life now. As I looked on the backs of some of my art from a number of years ago last night before I went to bed, I realized that I have been searching for the very things we are dealing with now. It is wonderful the different ways we come into this study. It isn’t by accident, and I feel certain that these letters likewise are no accident. Thank you all very kindly.

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