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To conjure a name…


The KJV is renowned for being

one of the few works of art

ever to have been produced by committee…


Its completion took seven years,

during which time the bulk of the work

went on in three principle locations:

Oxford University, Cambridge University

and the Jerusalem Chamber of Westminster Abbey.


Overseeing the whole endeavour and heading the distinguished

group of clerics tasked with translating ‘Genesis’ toย  ‘2 Kings’,

we find Mister Lancelot Andrewes,

whose contemporaries regarded him,

in an intellectual sense,

as both elegant and brilliant.


There is a story that during the course of The Great Work

he would periodically take a monthly vacation with his elderly parents.

Whilst staying with them it was his custom

to invite into their home a linguistics expert

so that he could learn a new European language!


It is at least possible that Mister Andrewes was solely responsible

for insisting upon the italicised phrases of ‘The Binding’.


10 thoughts on “To conjure a name…”

  1. I am still trying very hard to figure out the mystery behind this and then the story of Abraham and Sarah and how it all fits into this different world of the pre-Biblical history. I admit I am lost, but trying to hard to understand it all. Well, I will keep trying. I am fascinated by the symbols and trying to create a relationship in my mind. Well, it is definitely keeping my interest to figure it out. The problem is that I have no context already, so it might be part of a larger context that would give it away to me. I just don’t know. I don’t really know where to take it right now. Good job! Definitely a challenge!!!

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      1. You mean that they just come to us? But don’t we have to have some sort of context for things to come to us when we hear of them spoken? I was thinking of a book I am reading when I have doctor’s appts. etc. that I carry around, and it is largely dealing with the acquisition of language. It talks about how if children are deprived of normal stimulation as infants such as the wild children that have been found over the year, or those abused and imprisoned, how they do not develop the ability to conceptualize. Now I can conceptualize say about art, or about designing something in some way, but that isn’t exactly the same as abstract thinking, at least not to me. And although I try to meditate regularly, I don’t seem to come up with abstract things or new things I have not encountered before. So I am having a challenge here trying to come up with something I have not previously encountered or at least. So I am still confused. Should I just be imagining these things? Or trying to? Or is there some other secret technique I don’t know yet? I am feeling stupid because I am not getting it and others seem to be. Are these things I learn in the 2nd or 3rd year and is that why I am not getting it yet? When I read something and it interests me, I always want to understand what it is about. I know this is a “mystery school,” and perhaps that is part of what it is about – not knowing, and perhaps somehow it will just come to me at some point?I remember that little ditty about red, white and green, some things are seen before knowing them, or something like that . . .

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          1. OK, I will give it a try. I do remember the part about Red, white and green. Some things must be believed before they can be seen. I am not sure with this rusty old mind what will reveal itself to me, but I am willing to see if anything comes into my mind or spirit as it were. Of course if I am 100 years old and it still has not revealed itself to me, maybe I am not fit to be studying this. I do remember that Abraham and Sarah were both older when they bore two children, Ishmael and Issac. But Abraham is also the father of Jesus. I hope that some morning I awake and know what it is that I am trying to know. Thank you both for the posts, and I do enjoy them even if I don’t always get the message.

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  2. Thanks Stuart. We all need to know this. It is greatly appreciated. I know I have so enjoyed learning about all the ruins and the history and other aspects of the history of England. This is more esoteric, and perhaps it will take some time to get to this place.

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