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Body and Soul…


On the sixth day the earth was delivered of Abadam,

the very image of the Spirit conceived in the likeness of a lump of clay.


The Spirit breathed life into the clod and Abadam rose to his feet.


His head was level with the divine seat in heaven.


As he looked about the celestial abode his huge frame

and radiant countenance, so amazed the angels that

they flocked, trembling to the Spirit: “can there be

two divine powers, one in heaven, the other on earth?”


To calm them the Spirit placed its hand upon Abadam,

vastly diminishing his aura and greatly reducing his size.


Then it smote Abadam in half and by thus dividing

his nature, the spirit created a second man, the

twin of Abadam whom it named Abadel.


The Spirit set the twins on its holy mountain

in the east as custodians of the garden.


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