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Call of the Spirit…


…Yva and Abadam heard the Spirit calling

for Abadel as they walked in the east.


They hid themselves amongst the trees of the garden.


And the Spirit said to Abadam, “where is Abadel your brother?”


“How should I know, am I my brother’s keeper? ” Said Abadam.


And the Spirit said, “O Abadam, there is no secret

which can be hidden from me, even now, the voice

of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.


You have lifted up your heart and said, ‘I am a god,

I am stronger than my brother,’ yet although you have

set your heart as the heart of a god, you are not a god but

a man, and the ground is cursed for your sake.


By the sweat of your brow shall you sow your seed, and it shall bring

forth thorns and thistles, so that you shall eat of the

herb in sorrow all the days of your life…


6 thoughts on “Call of the Spirit…”

  1. I am not sure which recounting of this old story came first. Before I got to read and follow Gilgamesh, I thought the Biblical account of the building of an ark (or other vessel) came first, but now I realize there are much older accounts (I sort of knew that there were lots of versions in many cultures of the Great Flood). There are other accounts in it that also spoke of things that happened in the Bible as well. I sure did get a lot out of it. It was very different from when I first read another version very early on in my studies. There is a lot of symbolism in this one. Hope everything was successful in your event. I so wish I could have been there, but I sure did envision each and every part of it and was so happy that I was able to share it in the reading. I hope that ultimately we will all see photos of parts of it, or all the people who came. Thank you so much one and all; I really enjoyed being a tiny part of it and I love this version of the story. It is so much more meaningful than the first one I read that I found online.

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