Fairy Tale, Folk Tale, Stuart France, symbolism

Trusty John: Door…


When the time of mourning was over, Trusty John said to the young king, “It is time for you to see your inheritance. I will escort you around your ancestral castle as your father wished.”

So, day by day, Trusty John took the young king over everything in the castle and let him see all the riches and splendid apartments contained within it, which now belonged to him.

Only, the door of one room at the end of the long corridor, as instructed, he did not open for his charge.

The young king noticed that Trusty John always ignored the door at the end of the long corridor, and asked him, “Why do you never open this door for me?”

“Because there is something inside that would not be good for you,” answered John.

To which the young king replied, “I have seen the whole castle, save for the contents of this one room and I shall find out what is in there!”

With these words he approached the door and attempted to force it open.

Trusty John tried to hold him back, saying, “I promised your father before his death that you shouldn’t see what that room contains. He warned me that it was sure to bring you great grief.”

“I shall have no peace night or day till I have seen what is in this room with my own eyes!” cried the young king.

With a heavy heart, and many sighs, Trusty John selected a key from the big bunch that hung from his trouser belt, unlocked the door, and opened it…


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