Fairy Tale, Folk Tale, Stuart France

Trusty John: Gold…


… “What nonsense,” said the king, “how can the love of my life be a curse of doom upon me?”

“How indeed, majesty?” mused Trusty John.

Yet, the faithful servant did not despair for long and soon he was pondering just how they were to set about the matter of winning the princess for the young king.

It was said by the common folk to be difficult for anyone to even get into her royal presence.

At length he hit upon a plan and outlined it to the king, “All the things she has about her – tables, chairs, dishes, goblets, bowls, trinkets, and all her household furniture – are made of gold.” He said.


“You have in your treasure-house five tons of gold!”


“Let the goldsmiths of your kingdom manufacture them into all manner of vases and vessels, into all sorts of birds and game and wonderful beasts; that will be sure to please her. We shall go to her with them then and try our luck in at least gaining an audience.”

“Ah ha!”

So, the king summoned all his goldsmiths, and they were put to work day and night, till at length the most magnificent of golden things were completed.

When a ship had been loaded up with them Trusty John disguised himself as a merchant, and instructed the king to do the same, so that they should be quite unrecognisable.

And so, the two of them set to sea in a ship laden with gold.

They journeyed for a long time until they finally sailed into the port of the great city where the Princess of the Golden Roof dwelt…


3 thoughts on “Trusty John: Gold…”

  1. I think I am reading back in date because this is before Trusty John entices the princess onto his ship. It seems to suggest that “All that glitters is not gold.” Yes, it is easy to be distracted by things that shine brightly. A good lesson to stay strong and remember what is important.

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