Fairy Tale, Folk Tale, Stuart France

Trusty John: Ship…


… The Princess carefully examined the golden wares

that Trusty John had brought into her realm and set before her.

“They are all so beautifully made that I shall buy everything you have.”

“If you please, my lady,” said Trusty John, “I am only the servant of a rich merchant, what I have here is nothing compared to what my master has on his ship; his merchandise is more artistic and costly than anything that has ever been made in gold before.”

“Then, away with you and bring everything that is on your master’s ship back to the palace,” said The Princess, such was her desire for the golden artefacts.

“Alas,” said Trusty John, “There is such a quantity of things on my master’s ship that it would take me many days to bring them all here, and they would take up so many rooms that you would have no space for anything else in your Golden Palace.”

The desire and curiosity of the Princess were so piqued by all of this that she at last declared, “Then you must take me to your master’s ship. I shall go there myself and view the treasures that you have described.”


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