Fairy Tale, Folk Tale, Stuart France

Trusty John: Kidnap…


…So, Trusty John led the Princess of the Golden Roof from her Golden Palace to the ship laden with Golden Things.

The king, when he beheld her, saw that she was even more beautiful than her picture, and thought every moment that his heart would burst.

She stepped on to the ship, and the king led her inside his cabin.

Trusty John remained behind with the steers-man and immediately ordered the ship to push off.

“Spread all sail, that we may fly on the ocean like a bird in the air.” He said.

Meanwhile, the King was busy showing the Princess all his golden wares, every single one of them; dishes, goblets, bowls, the birds and game, and all the wonderful beasts.

Many hours passed thus, with the Princess so preoccupied that she did not notice the ship was sailing away from her homeland.

After she had seen the last Golden Thing the Princess thanked the merchant and prepared to return to her palace where she could arrange to purchase all the items that she had been shown…

But when she came to the ship’s side she saw that they were on the high seas, far from land, and that the ship was speeding on its way under full canvas.

“Oh!” she cried in terror, “I am deceived, carried away and betrayed into the power of a cunning merchant. Given a choice in this fate I would rather have died!”


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