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Out-running the Rule…


… With all this in mind,

It becomes increasingly difficult

not to grow inordinately ‘suspicious’ of letters.


A lot of people strive for ‘letters’ after their name,

either believing,

or having been told,

or both,

that this represents

some sort of gateway to success in the world.


Well, it can represent that,

 or, indeed, even be such a gateway…

but, perhaps, more pertinently

it can also be used to impress

impressionable people.


The better, to gain sway over them,

as the Wolf might have said to Little Red…


But, well, really,

if one wants to do this sort of thing properly,

it is letters before the name

that really count.




Nowadays most people would ‘kill’ for that,

and, perhaps, they always would have…


It is not difficult to see why.


I mean, it is ‘transgender’

before that concept was even thought of,

let alone invented, by ‘lesser mortals’.


Although, arguably, in this country, at least,

that has only been the case since Good Queen Bess.


‘H’ here can now stand for both ‘His ‘n’ Her’

but really just stands for hereditary,

and as for highness…


If Ms Gimbutas is to be believed,

and there is little enough reason to doubt

the veracity of her extensive research,

stasis in symbology

is an indication of antiquity.


Hell, we might even want to call it ‘high antiquity’!


And ‘R’?

‘R’ probably deserves a post all to itself…




3 thoughts on “Out-running the Rule…”

  1. I almost laughed my belly off (gee, that would have been nice) reading this. And it is all true. People are striving more and more to have some kind of special identification, and it comes out in the most humorous ways. I mean, why do we have to have men’s and women’s bathrooms when they are both for the same purposes, and many can only hold one person at a time. . . And then, why does it matter whether you are straight (vs. crooked???), gay (or grumpy?), bi (is there a tri???) or transgender (have I missed any???). Is it important to declare who or what you are with what you primarily do in bed or identify with? Are we going to have company come in and watch us after we retire to the bedroom, or does it matter whether I am wearing pants or a dress whether I am a male or female or cross-gender???

    We have become so conscious of having an “identity” that sets us apart, or connects us with our “tribe” so to speak. Perhaps society has grown so large and anonymous that people are needing to find ways to reconnect and become a part of something. It is sad when people feel so lost that they seek to find things or ways to identify themselves that are different from the rest of the people in the country they are in, or even the world.

    Thank you for this great post, Stuart. It is humorous in a way, but it is so true too!

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