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It is clear that the ‘fatal flaw’ works

by simple juxtaposition in seeking to posit a personal

  rationality for the death of the hero, and that this outlook

can be seen to be now all but inherent in most human psyches.


For our ‘bindings’ we may have to look a little deeper.


So, what three eventualities would cause the demise

of any individual if ignored?


‘Three minutes without air.

Three days without water.

Three weeks without food.’


A rule of thumb for the survival of our species!


These durations are general

and can be prolonged with dedication

but the strictness of the numerology is quite suggestive.


Two of these necessities are familiar principles

but we can go out on a limb and posit food

as a cypher for earth because, ultimately,

all our food derives from the Earth.



2 thoughts on “Principles…”

  1. I really love this. So many things on this earth can be seen to boil down (if you will) to numbers, and I think there are sacred numbers everywhere if we look around. Even the idea of Jesus on the cross involved three people on crosses at the same time, and I am not sure if this was standard or not, but it caused me to think. And I think there were other things as my weak memory tells me in the Bible too about how he would be betrayed three times before the cock crowed. I think there were a lot of other notes too that involved three. My memory today is not that great, but I have vague recollections of a number of things that involved three. As I think about it, there were twelve disciples, but that could be divided by three as well, or by four to get three. And I have heard “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” So I guess there are a lot of things. This is always so interesting and such a good way to learn. Thank you most kindly. I have been absent a bit, but am trying to spend a bit of time catching up on reading.

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