Philosophy, Psychology

Lost in Translation…


How does the unseen communicate in the seen world?


By way of the minute muscular movements

which are utilised in speech and gesture…


That is, very badly.


But why so very badly?


Because, the unseen is largely unaware of this process;

only the most basic observations

are capable of communication

without the risk of misinterpretation;

and the unseen is also vague as to the precise nature

of its desire to communicate anything at all.


Ultimately, that which is most important,

to the unseen, is utterly incommunicable.


More generally, the seen world interprets

signals from the unseen in its own way,

and if the unseen world were actually seen in itself

even more divergences would, inevitably, arise.


We see, and are seen, but through a glass darkly

as the familiar phrase has it…





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