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Know thyself…


No one can see the other’s ‘thought’.


We may fancy we see ‘a thought’

or ‘thoughts’ of the other in action,

but we really only see what we think are those ‘thoughts’,

or ‘a thought’, in action.


If we think we can know the other,

then we are sadly mistaken.


The unseen of the other is impenetrable.

It can never be known and can only ever be seen

as a shadow play flitting dimly upon an outer screen.


The other’s unseen is your seen but unknown.

Your seen is the other’s unseen but knowable.

Your unseen is the other’s seen but unknowable.

The other’s seen is your unseen but known.


Which is why we say,

‘gnothi seauton’.

10 thoughts on “Know thyself…”

  1. I love the things you all are posting. Yes, this poses something we all deal with perhaps every day not only about others, but about our own selves too. I think in the end result, we will only know so much, and so much of it will be just assumed by us to be true. Thank you one and all for this great post.

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  2. How many times have I heard — or said — “Don’t tell me what I’m thinking!” But all we have to go on is what someone does, their behavior. If that can’t be used as a gauge for the thoughts behind the actions, then we don’t “know” anyone — which can get pretty tricky and personally extremely confusing. I have to take people at their word unless I have some very strong proof that the speaker does not tell the truth — intentionally or for some other reason. Or maybe does not even KNOW the truth.

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