Philosophy, Psychology, Stuart France



The notion of an unseen self

is not a natural one.


It is not derived from solely sensory data,

nor, indeed, from its lack…


With our minds we make the world,

in a particular way.


That is, the seen world is relative to our senses.


The world is as we see it, and it is self-derived.


Yet, we ourselves comprise

‘a certain ratio’ between the seen

and unseen worlds.

4 thoughts on “Notions…”

  1. Excellent and seems true to me. It tends to make me unsure that anything I perceive is correct, and that is ok, because likely it is not. It is pretty much based on what I have put together as my knowledge over the years, but if I erred somewhere along the way, that is in there with the stuff that might be right. So I guess it is something I need to question more often. Thank you for the great article. It is very appreciated.

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