Philosophy, Psychology, Stuart France

Mountains of the Moon…


By considering dream consciousness

a higher state of being

we are forced to imagine

a whole range of conscious experience

beyond that which might

otherwise be conceived.


How should this landscape

be approached?


How can such mountainous

terrain be scaled?


We must regard mankind as a seed.


As both the proponent and the vehicle

of a qualitative change in being.


Let the seed grow into a tree

that its branches might shelter

those brightly plumed birds of paradise

for a space and, perchance, encourage them to roost.



5 thoughts on “Mountains of the Moon…”

  1. I think the dream state allows us to be the player in ALL of the scenes, thereby enabling us to resolve issues we face daily. It can seem a peaceful dream, or it can seem terrifying, and that might depend on how important a particular issue is to us. For example, we may not feel terrified thinking about a task we have to do vs something like a relationship issue. So yes, the dream state is likely a higher degree of consciousness because it allows the mind to free itself of the confinements we experience every day in our minds and outside our own strengths. Yes, I would say that it allows us to rise above our beliefs about ourselves and others, and hence, is a stronger consciousness than our waking consciousness.

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