Philosophy, Psychology, Stuart France

A New You? …


…How do we recognise the start of this process?


We feel ourselves differently.


Ordinarily we dwell in a habitual reality,

which is largely peculiar to each of us.


We move within our tiny orbit

of pre-conceived notions of the world,

like cave fish unaware of sunlight.


If this orbit be broken,

we flail and thrash about helplessly,

but really all we have lost

is our habitual feelings about ourself.


We become fearful, certainly,

but only because we are now

no longer recognisable to ourselves.

4 thoughts on “A New You? …”

  1. This is incredible, Stuart. I am liking this very much. I think our inner self or spirit or soul is some form of energy known throughout the planet and the universe as a whole, but not seen or understood by mortals. Then perhaps when we die, or our energies that help us to live shut down, the energy disconnects and we might say it goes out looking for another connection. I don’t know in reality any more than anyone else, but this is just a thought I have had for awhile. Thank you for the good writing.

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  2. It also occurred to me that the consciousness of people who have written memorable poetry, stories, and all sorts of books, music and who have created art and other things will also live on in the minds of others through all time, and it is possible that their energy will “plug in” as it were to the minds of at least some of those, inspiring those people to create as well. Just a thought . . .

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