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Once in every lifetime…


We do not think about time,

except in terms of its measurement.


Never as a dimension.


Yet every object extends in time

as well as space.


Sometimes it is here,

or there,

sometimes it is not.


The three dimensions of space

can be seen – objectively.


The dimension of time cannot.


Bodies in time and space

trace unseen lines of motion.


11 thoughts on “Once in every lifetime…”

  1. Every time Sue Vincent re-blogs anything from this page and I therefore visit this page for the whole piece. I am having to re-follow every time – I’m following again now – but this keeps happening, it’s quite bizarre?!?


  2. Oh, this is what happens when reading backwards. I see you already mentioned this in an earlier post (this one). Maybe I should go all the way to the back and read forward. I think this may be a new dimension – going backward!!! Don’t mind my silliness – I am way beyond tired and confused with too much in my head. There should be some sort of body part that handles dumping the overloads.

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