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Triangular Time…


In this respect,

it may be useful to consider

time as ‘triangular’.


Let our present moment

be represented by one of the points

of an equilateral triangle,

any of the three points will do

it does not matter which…


The other two points

would then represent

the begining and the end of an event.


Again, it does not matter which point is which.


It can be seen that for the event in time

to be experienced in the present moment

each of the two points in turn

would have to be funnelled

through the present moment…


5 thoughts on “Triangular Time…”

  1. I guess I am thinking of time as breath. When we let out a breath, we are in the past, and when we are in the middle, it is the present, and when we take in a breath, we are in the future. I can envision this as a triangular form. The triangular form could be in all aspects at once too I think. This is definitely an intriguing thought. I was dreaming about it the other night, but got awakened and did not get to finish the dream.

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