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Something of the unseen beyond

can be gleaned from consideration

of the human visage.


Once encountered in youth,

the human face never really grows old.


It ages, certainly, yet always retains

the signature of youth which was

present at first sight.


It is possible that this experience

constitutes more than mere sight

and acts like a recognition.


Consciousness, sifting time,

quickly settles into

its own familiarity,

which is eternal.

6 thoughts on “Long-Sight…”

  1. I love this writing, Stuart. I was thinking the other day when I got a post from a lady who is very conscious about her physical appearance and always making sure she dresses to the hilt. Nothing wrong with this at all, but I was thinking about aging, and I thought how I feel honestly ageless. Only my body knows that it has changed through the years, but other than being involved creatively with life, I really feel truly ageless. So it seems that our minds can put us where we want to be, whether it is here on this earth in this time, or someplace else where we want to be. I often wonder what other incredible powers our minds hold that we have not explored. So much to look forward to. Thank you for the writing; it is excellent.

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