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We can see that a consciousness

bound to the present moment is denied

the unity of a whole which stems

from an unseen beyond, and also flowers there.


It’s momentary acts of will, if acts they really are,

are necessarily inhibited by that lack of vision

which can view only fragments.


Any quest for the beyond, therefore,

will be a movement towards unity

and a greater integrity of purpose.


This notion was a favourite theme of Mediaeval

muralists who, seemingly, embraced the religious yoke of the time

and delighted in giving us lives of the Christ, and the Baptist,

and others, all of which they depicted on three-square-feet of mortar.


To stand before these painted depictions

is to feel something of the beyond,

and wonder…


What would the baptism be without a decapitation?

Or a crucifixion without the resurrection and ascension?





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