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‘Sacred Executioner’?…


The other thing those wily Mediaevalists did,

was to dress their chosen religious heroes

in contemporary garb!


This can cause quite a stir in the modern mind.


We move from the shock of incredulity,

to amusement at their naivety, and finally,

on to tantalising possibilities of wonder…


For by indulging this apparent whimsy,

they can only subscribe to a wholly different

notion of historicity from our own.


Yet, did they not know, as we now do,

that these events could not have taken place

in the Mediaeval Courts of Europe?


Well, of course they did!


They were simply recognising

a spirit of the age which stretched

over and above, that is, beyond their own.


In so doing they have left us a key

to our current psychology of fear…


The killing joke!


Or as a contemporary sage once put it,

‘Laughing on the way to your demise is not

generally understood by lesser mortals.’



5 thoughts on “‘Sacred Executioner’?…”

  1. I have missed some posts that I will catch up with but this is such a powerful statement and so seemingly out-of-place with the times that it will take awhile to get it. Sometimes when I think of all of you and the amount of things you have thought about and written about and created classes to teach, it is mind-boggling. You all must be well over 100 years old to have that much knowledge in such depth. Pretty hard to believe that we are not calling all of you Dr. Stuart, Dr. Sue, and Dr. Steve with what must be hundreds of doctorates. I have NEVER known any people with as much knowledge and memory of the knowledge as the three of you. It is definitely a pleasure and an honor to be able to study with you three. You must work while everyone else is sleeping! Just incredible!!! Thank you for always providing us with such fascinating knowledge and wisdom. You are all truly appreciated. Though I am overwhelmed with major caregiving these days, this keeps me going to stop and take the time to read as many posts as I can of yours. It is so invigorating to try to imagine the work you must have put in for all of this information. You all are truly the best – a ray of sunshine on a rainy day!!!

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