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Motley Hue…


If we could but correctly characterise

this fool, or jester, we may be able

to make some headway towards our long view.


What the fool represents,

what ‘he’, ‘she’, or ‘it’ bodies forth

and puts into words is the Zeit-Geist!


Although it is tempting to render

German ‘Geist’ as ghost, it is really spirit.


Likewise, given the choice between

Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit

our preference would always be spirit.


We note with some satisfaction,

that fools, too, can be, and often are, holy!


‘Zeit’ is time but Zeit-Geist

is a, ‘spirit of the times’ and not just of time

which grants just the expansion we were seeking…

3 thoughts on “Motley Hue…”

  1. It doesn’t bother me that we might consider the holy spirit as something that is sacred. I think perhaps that everything, everyone, all the creatures on this earth were meant to be here and if we were not, we would not be here, any of us. Spirit, as it was created, be it from the evolution of Trilobites or human beings, or sand from the sea, is nothing short of a miracle. Why this planet? Why forms of creatures plants, oxygen and other things that could provide sustenance for human beings, and why this planet of all the perhaps millions of planets out there in the universe? Why this moment in the all-encompassing time? When I use the word sacred, it does not mean some all-powerful, all-knowing being or spirit. It means something so magical that it is overwhelming for the mind to even begin to grasp. It means process, evolution, alchemy that has been in existance for who knows how long and perhaps not even here alone. I think that none of us will live long enough to fully understand it all, but to me it will be as sacred and more, than any of the cathedrals we have visited, or the churches, or any one structure we have visited or read about. It is sacred in terms of what we have seen of existence in its multitude of forms, and so much more we have not seen in this life. Thank you so much. As always, a thought-provoking post for all of us.

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