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… the other common transliteration,

is ‘spirit of the age’ which is possibly even closer

to, certainly one conception of, our unseen beyond.


Ages, Aeons, and Worlds…

They are all ways.


But we need to be wary,

the ‘Thought Commandants’ are everywhere.


They lurk in closets, primed to leap!


This compound German word was ‘coined’ much later than

the historical period to which we refer

and has probably never been given quite the

same flavour that we are here attempting to inculcate.


Certainly, our Spirit has more gusto about it than

that which was current in seventeenth century

philosphical circles, and the notion is doubtlessly a lot older.


So much so, in fact, it is a wonder

that it went unrecognised for so long.


We are minded to compare it with

that other well loved staple

which no one now really believes in.


The Genius Loci.


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