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Earth Quakes…


… Certainly, for us, giving things

a more concrete form,

or ‘earthing them’,

enables us to work with them.


As opposed to working on them!


It grants them an autonomy,

and shifts our relationship to them.


It alters us…


And in this particular instance,

it moves the very ground we walk on.


Which could be described as

a seismic shift in perception, perhaps.


If that, indeed, is what is required…


8 thoughts on “Earth Quakes…”

  1. Robbie has said it very well. We do have to shift our perceptions about the world, the universe, and what we believe to make healthy changes. Just because we have believed something for a long time doesn’t mean it is true or that we don’t need to continue to re-examine it. Thank you as always, Stuart.

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  2. Strangely, I was thinking about evolution over time, and I thought about how some creatures have been so successful over so many hundreds of thousands of years. And yet, here we are, mankind, with brains so significantly advanced over any living creature. It makes me wonder what we are using to judge evolution. Who is to say that trilobites were not perhaps the most advanced creatures of all time? We keep making the same mistakes time after time after time, so what kind of evolution is that?

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