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There are countless synchronicities,

in their story which lead to the same conclusion.


Not least, a number of different areas

for their emergence and operation.


Cadbury, Penrith, Caermarthen,

to name but a few…


It can be seen that any major region

would almost inevitably have their own embodiments.


If they were doing things correctly.


And when they do not?


The land slumbers and sinks into decline…

6 thoughts on “Multiples…”

  1. And what would “correct” be? Is it the places, or the people in those places. Or perhaps it is the ideology of the times or that most people are followers, not leaders, and perhaps the leaders, me thinks, lead too much so that there is far too little for the followers to think about. And then again, maybe it is the weather . . . Whatever it is, it seems fairly consistent over time. Or are we the ones who are way too consistent? Is there a way to perhaps ever really know for sure what happens to people to make us so predictable?

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