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It is not possible to prove the existence of being,

but Geometry can illustrate its fundamental necessity.



The circle can be used as a symbol for many things

but here we will use it to represent the beyond.


The cross then, would stand for the present moment.



If we merge these symbols

so that the cross fragments the circle…


Image result for circle and cross


…We get a pretty accurate portrait

of the human psyche

as we have been describing it.


Our final symbol then, shows the

psyche possessed of being.


Image result for odin's cross


It can be seen that this symbol is a forerunner

of the Celtic Cross…


It is also known in some quarters

as, ‘Odin’s Cross’.


Those of you familiar with Norse Mythology,

will be aware that Odin only has ‘one eye’,

and that he is known as, The High One.




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