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But perhaps there were other, less hazardous,

ways of gaining the wisdom of the beyond,

and integrating being into the personality.


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Many of the Celtic Crosses feature elaborate

knotwork and maze patterns.


Perhaps prolonged focus on these

patterns, along with a spoken chant

could produce the desired effect?


Such a practice would certainly be capable of

altering the practitioner’s consciousness.


4 thoughts on “Knot-Work…”

  1. Yes, I honestly believe it could be a wonderful assist with moving forward in the task to unite the personas within as it were. At first I could not see myself in some of those personas, but as time has gone on and I have done much thinking on individual aspects of the ego, I can definitely see myself in every one of them. I never would have believed it before, for the ego is strong and doesn’t wish to see anything but what IT chooses to see and believe.

    I am glad I found this path of study for so much benefit and good learning has come my way in this latter part of my life. The stumbling blocks have been many, but luckily I have persisted in my spirit when I have time or energy for little else. It is all coming around to assist me in this life and to make it good in every way. Peace and blessings always, Anne

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