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Fjalar and Galar…


Word of Kvasir’s wisdom

soon reached the ears of the dwarfs,

Fjalar and Galar.


Their interest turned to envy

and from envy to action

for they could not admire anything

without desiring it for themselves.


They invited Kvasir to feast with them

in a cave under the earth

and Kvasir accepted their invitation.


Fjalar and Galar’s table

was an elongated slab of uneven rock,

the floor was dirt, and the wall hangings

were dripping stalactites…


After the feast the dwarfs

asked Kvasir for a quiet word

and led him into a gloomy chamber.


Taking knives that they had hidden up their tunic sleeves

they repeatedly stabbed the wiseman’s breast

and drained his blood into two jars and a cauldron.


Kvasir’s heart soon stopped beating.

His wan body lay motionless on the ground.



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