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The Wisdom of Nines…


The Norse version of this myth is quite specific.


Kvasir is the wisest man around.

He utilises a ‘wider context’ to solve peoples’ problems.


Odin attains wisdom

after nine nights on the world tree.


As the prelude to questing for the potent brew

he overcomes ‘nine thralls’.


It is only after the addition of honey,

by the dwarfs, that poetic skill is mentioned,

but honey and poetry may have already been synonymous.


There seems to be some sort of equation between

emotion and poetry


All of this adds further weight to the notion,

that by applying blood, sweat, and tears,

we too can acquire wisdom.

7 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Nines…”

  1. Do we believe that blood, sweat and tears will give us the answers to the puzzle of the nines? I think we DO have to think about it, but blood, sweat and tears seems to be too much. But answers do not come without some work; that id definitely true.

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