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Soul Worlds…


 If context is all important for understanding,

then we probably also need a context for

the stories as a whole…


The landscape of mythology is always psychological.


We shall initially confine ourselves to the major players…


The Vanir are described as ‘Fertility Gods’,

which makes them aspects of the Libido.


The Aesir are described as ‘Warrior Gods’,

which makes them the positive aspects of the Ego.


The Giants, or Jottund, which means ‘eaters’,

would then, quite naturally,

be the negative aspects of the Ego.


We note that Odin, who is one the Aesir, has no problem

at all in passing himself off as a Giant.

Thor too, in one of the myths, does likewise,

albeit with rather less success.


Dwarves are traditionally linked with emotions.

Everybody knows this.

Think Snow White!


So, for Fjalar and Galar read ‘envy’ and ‘admiration’.

We are actually given this much in the story.


The Aesir and Vanir have warred but now live

peacefully together in the walled domain of Asgard.


Our surrogate psyche has reached a tentative maturity.

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