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For as long as the long days of summer lasted,

the Evil One was good for his word.


Day after day he worked the fill

of nine farm-hands in Baugi’s fields.


Baugi was astounded!

A Giant amongst Giants toiled on his land.


As autumn closed in the Evil One sought payment for his shift.


So, he and Baugi, together, went to Hnitbjorg

to look for the Giant’s brother, Suttung.


“No way,” said Suttung, “Not one drop!”


“I’ve kept my promise,” said Baugi defensively,

when he and the Evil One were again alone, “I owe you nothing.”


“Since your brother refuses to share the mead of poetry,

you owe me help in trying to trick him out

of some of it,” said the Evil One quietly.


“But it is not possible,” said Baugi, “You know where it is kept!”


The Evil One slowly drew an augur from his belt and said,

“A Giant of your strength should easily be able to drill

his way into the mountain with this,” then he grinned,

“Why, it is the least I can expect after all my efforts.”

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