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Baugi took the augur proferred by the Evil One.

What else was he to do?

He pressed its shank against the cold face of Hnitbjorg

and wound the handle…


As he bore a way into the mountain, he thought

about ways to dispose of his now problematic farmhand.


The augur sank deeper and deeper in the hard rock…


“Cored it!” cried the Giant at last.

He withdrew the drill and sank back

against the rock face, his chest heaving,

the sweat flowing from his brow.


The Evil One peered along the bore shaft with his good eye.

Then he blew down it.

A flurry of rock shards blew back in his face.

He turned and eyed Baugi, menacingly,

“Were you trying to trick me?”


The Giant did not reply.

He picked up the augur and recommenced his boring.

Silently, he determined to be rid of the Evil One

just as soon as possible.


Baugi withdrew the augur once more,

but this time when the Evil One blew down its shaft,

the rock shards flew away on the current of air inspired by his breath.


Swift as an eye-blink, the Evil One shifted

into the shape of a snake, and dived down the shaft.

Baugi stabbed at the Evil One with the augur-point

but missed, the serpent was already

slithering towards the heart of the mountain…




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