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Suttung’s daughter was sitting astride

a stone-stool in the heart chamber of the mountain.


When the Evil one reached the chamber

he shifted back into his giant-form

and stood before her.


Her father’s instruction to guard the mead

at all costs went clean out of Gunnlod’s head.

In truth, she was glad of the Evil One’s company.

For three days and nights he beguiled

the Giantess with stories and songs…

She wrapped her arms around him

and they slept together.


With Gunnlod drunk on passion,

the Evil One asked for three draughts of Kvasir’s blood.

She took him by the hand and led him to the mead…

His first draught emptied the cauldron,

his second and third drained the two jars.


The Wide Wanderer held the divine liquor in his mouth.

He shifted into his eagle-form and flapped back down the augur-shaft.

Once free of the mountain he flew straight for Asgard with it…

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