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Odin’s ability to shape-shift into other creatures,

is commensurate with his higher function.


But the dwarvish propensity for secrecy

appears redundant if the High One

has his ‘ravens’ and would know what

they were up to anyway?


Perhaps the point is precisely that the divine substance

is claimed by each aspect of the psyche

before its most natural abode is ascertained?


Emotions can be regarded as both strong and secretive.

The negative aspect of the Ego can be boastful and mean spirited.


The prospective demise of the two dwarfs is also suggestive.

Are they to be returned to an undifferentiate ‘sea of emotion’?


We may note in all this that

it is the will of the higher function,

alone, which achieves the necessary outcome.


Like calls to like,

if you like, but only because

higher function has its origin in divine essence.

3 thoughts on “Origins…”

  1. Hmmm, I am FINALLY beginning to understand. I have lived in Ego a good part of my life, and now it is time for the shape shifter to accompany me to a new level. I don’t think it happens overnight, though I guess it could if a person really determined that they COULD get there on their own. I want to be able to live at least this last part of my life in this aspect where all the nine parts are conjoined, but at the same time are under my control, rather than the opposite way. Each part has its usefulness at some point, but the key is to not let any one of them get out of control. That is a huge challenge, but it can be done. I am sure of this.

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