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…Suttung saw Odin at once.

He uttered a spell known only

to those who have tasted the mead,

and one eagle pursued another across a dark sky…


The Aesir and Vanir set out vats and jars,

laying them side by side, covering the courtyard

beside the Great Wall of Asgard, then watched

as Suttung closed on Odin…


With only a wing-span between the great birds,

Odin crested the wall and spat the mead

into the waiting vats beneath him.


Suttung shrieked, and shrieked again,

then wheeled away, shrieking…


That which was won by force

had been lost through cunning.


The Aesir and Vanir had lost Kvasir,

wisest of men, and sole witness to their truce,

but thanks to Odin they still had his life blood.


Once more could the High One drink of the mead,

and from time to time, when the mood took him,

he offered the gift of poetry to a man in Midgard…

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