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There are an infinite number of directions in time

as well as in space.


They are psychologically traversable

just as the body moves at will through space.


All possible individual and collective

histories can be realised.


What is recognised as history

represents only one track

through the possible outcomes.


Just as the individual life course

is only one realisation amongst many others.


A host of other worlds

lie but one step away from our now.


To emerge from that now

a point beyond it must become

so real to us that we begin

to accept another possibility of existence.




4 thoughts on “Realisations…”

  1. I so LOVE this idea, and I believe it is not anything that is impossible at all. When I think of this idea I think of the difference between our daylight waking hours and our dream time. We are able in a dream to be every single character in the dream, though often they seem very unlike any real person we have ever known. I think many so-called primitive or ancient cultures very much believe in “dream time,” and they share it as ideas coming to us from the Gods or Sacred Sources, ideas meant to help us to keep us moving forward on this earth. If I recall, and I may not be correct, but I believe a gyroscope can move in all directions. Well, in my mind, if we can imagine it, it must be true in the daytime waking hours.Thank you for this excellent post.

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