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Three-Fold Time…


A surface is infinity for a line.


Just so, is eternity to time

but ‘qualitively’ rather than ‘quantitively’.


The three dimensions of space

reflect three dimensions of time.


But if the ‘line’ is individual

and the ‘surface’ a collective,

what then for the ‘solid’?


The ‘solid’ is both.


It is traditionally known

as, the ‘Akashic Hall of Records’,

and its symbol is, the ‘Seal of Solomon’.


Image result for solomon's seal symbol

4 thoughts on “Three-Fold Time…”

  1. Very Interesting Thought Challenge, but my question is: Are we not solid too? Or perhaps I am not quite getting it. I do like thought challenges, but sometimes I still do not quite understand it as in this case. I do like the challenge though. Thank you and I wish for you the best of New Years.

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