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Asgard’s Wall…

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During the conflict between Aesir and Vanir,

Asgard’s wall was reduced to rubble.


The Gods were keen to see it rebuilt,

but none could be found

to undertake such a toilsome task.


One day, a lone figure on horseback

galloped over the shimmering bridge, Bifrost,

which separated the worlds of Gods and Men…


Heimdall stood in his way.

“I have a proposition for the Gods,”

said the man, reining in his horse…


So, the Gods and Goddesses gathered in Gladsheim,

and Odin eyed the horseman, tetchily,

“Your proposition?”


“I will rebuild the Wall of Asgard.”


The Gods and Goddesses stirred, wondering

what sort of man could accomplish such a thing.


“I will build the wall around Asgard so strong and high,

that should the Frost Giants and Rock Giants,

together, rail against it they would still be repelled.”


“How long will you need to do this?”

asked Odin, his single eye, glinting.


“Eighteen months from start to finish. No less,”

said the would be wall builder.

“And your wages for such a feat?” asked Odin.


“The Goddess Freyja to wife, the Sun her handmaid.”


The Gods and Goddesses of Gladsheim erupted in furore!

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