mythology, symbolism, Trickster

The Sly One…

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… “Not possible,” cried Odin, “and there’s an end to it!”


A thin, reedy voice rose out of the continuing furore,

“To every idea, its merits.”


It was Loki, son of the Giant Farbaut, “Wouldn’t it be rather rash

to dismiss this proposition out of hand

when we stand in such dire need of a wall?”


The Gods and Goddess stilled their furore.

They all looked at the Sly One.

It was difficult to fathom that which moved

through the intricate mazes of his mind.


“We must at least give some thought to this proposition,”

continued Loki, quite reasonably, “we owe our guest that much.”


So the horseman was led from Gladsheim

while the Gods and Goddesses considered his bold proposition…




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