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Long before the Shining One arced into sky,

our horseman had already started work.


With net and horse, he found an old stone quarry

and began to heave the massive stone slabs,

which lay all about, into his net.


Then he gathered the net into a neck and hollered…

Svadilfari bowed his head and slowly began to haul.


As the day dawned a load of new stone

lay beside Asgard’s broken wall.


When the Gods finally stirred from their halls,

they looked in wonder and consternation

at the amount of rock Svaldifari had managed to haul.


They watched in silence as the horseman, with brute strength

alone, smashed and shaped, and dressed, and placed the stone,

and as the broken form of the wall again began to rise…


But when, at the end of that first day,

they considered the huge circuit

of still broken wall which remained,

they retired secure in the belief that

they had indeed gained the better part of the deal.



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